RIHANNA tweets the word “CUNT”

The once beaten singer tweeted “My n*gga knots was strrruggling today boy! Thanks cunt!!!!”

This is vile … bitch needs her ass beat again me thinks.


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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck have had a baby BOY!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are the proud parents of a newborn son!

The 39-year-old actress gave birth to the couple’s third child in Santa Monica, Calif., a source tells US Weekly.

The family’s newest addition joins older sisters Violet, 6, and Seraphine, 3.

“I would have thought [Ben] wanted a boy]. At first … I really thought so,” Jen, who kept the baby’s gender under wraps, told Jay Leno last month.

“And then [Ben] kind of said, ‘Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls. My girls love me. I’m the big guy in the house,’” she added. “So, now I’m not sure.”

Awwww, i love babies but i couldn’t eat a whole one!

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After selling over 32 million digital copies of the songs performed on the hit FOX comedy, the cast of Glee has become the No. 8 digital artist of all time …. Its amazing to think the cast of a show can be autotuned into a multi million selling artists.

Shame Saved By The Bell didn’t think of it back in the day …. BLESS


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MADONNA “Look at me trying to be young!”


This is proof of a OAP Crisis ….. Poor old Mag getting all down with the kids but ending up sounding like something from her previous album now thats  reductive, look it up. (Pedantic bitch)

Madonna is that you being original? Hahaha looks like your trying to be Marilyn Monroe!

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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’ Frustrates Critics … SHUTUP

Since the release of ‘Video Games’ last year, Lana Del Rey has not so much split opinion as wrenched it apart. Many of listeners who were wowed by her laconic timbre on her debut single (at least, the first that she had released under the name Lana Del Rey) later found themselves conflicted not only by her image (before and after shots of the singer suggest she has had cosmetic enhancements to her lips) but also by her apparently wealthy background (her father, Rob Grant is a multi-millionaire). Some, of course simply didn’t like her in the first place.

Ldr’s fans and naysayers haven’t exactly had much to go on in terms of material, though, until now, with the release of her debut album Born To Die. Alexis Petridis, writing for The Guardian, questions the extent to which ‘Lana’ is a character, arguing that “Del Rey doesn’t have the lyrical equipment to develop a persona throughout the album” and refers to the repetition of imagery in her songs, urging listeners to remove the album from the indie singer-songwriter context, where it will be plagued with concerns over ‘authenticity.’ The Daily Mail review seems to linger on her background, rather than the album itself, but goes so far as to say that it’s a respectable effort “as long as one isn’t expecting the searing honesty or depth of feeling conveyed by an Amy Winehouse or Etta James.”

In fact, many of the reviews that have surfaced online seem to be frustrated with the lack of extremes in the album. It has attracted neither the adulation that ‘Video Games’ first prompted, nor the scorn that she elicited with her Saturday Night Live performance. With the Billboard review also drawing on the singularity of her subject matter (“variations on lines like ‘kiss me on my open mouth’ and ‘take your body downtown’ are used throughout”), it would seem that the world has got bored of Lana Del Rey before she’s even got started.


I love her, her music, style & her lips!

Critics will also write crap about anyone who doesnt please them,  i do it we all do it.

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As a retro loving fashion whore i would like to shout out how much i loved how gorgeous Dita Von Teese looked at the Oscars!

Beautiful human being who looks like the Golden days of Hollywood & pure glamour.

So many celebs need to look and take note ….

Pure Perfection, Glamour and full of feminine charm!

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Perez Hilton slates Meryl Streep

I would like to say Meryl Streep may have thanked everyone at the 2012 Oscars but Mrs.Thatcher the first female prime minister’s people were stated not to have been very pleased with the film nor Meryl’s performance so my advice to Perez Hilton “Go back to blowing smoke up celeb’s asses you like and leave Meryl to do her thang bitch!”

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Ok so it’s been said that her death was accidental. Of course they havent got the toxicology report back yet but who can blame her if it was suicide. Hollywood and fame abuse & kill.

Its a fact … look at back at Hollywood’s legends!

She was a very talented woman who will be missed …. R.I.P

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Justin Bieber to be sued

Its Official the Joustin’ Beaver creators are filing a lawsuit against The Biebs, claiming that they’re NOT violating any laws by making fun of him in their game – HAHAHAHA i almost pissed myself.

They may not be violating Justin but i would, and how many girls wouldnt like to? (Its not illegal if we thought he consented!)

Ok so on a serious note its just fun …. Conflicts over a game and a lil boy.


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Well the old hag has done it again … move over Gaga until the crone gets bored of sharing her air with fans. They made her yet she thinks shes above them or anyone else.

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